April 2010 Mission – The Sea


I wasn’t sure what to do for this months mission. I knew  it would be about the environment, and I was particularly interested in how the polar ice caps are melting and raising the sea level.
It was while I was researching this, that I realised that probably some of the worst threats to our planet, are the consequences of the appalling way we have poisoned and pollouted the oceans!
The oceans are the life of this planet. Almost 100% of our water is contained within them; and they provide 99% of the earths living space!

But the sea is much more than that.
It’s the place of secrets, most of which we will never know.
It’s the glittering expanse, that calms our souls, and leads our minds on winding journeys as we watch the never ending waves.
Throughout time, it has been the inspiration of poets , musicians, and artists,
To the child we retain in our hearts, it’s the home of
mermaids and treasure ships; a place where wonderful creatures reside.

But all this is being destroyed, slowly but surely.

Please view these two links.



And here is a link in Portuguese that translates into any language and will give you the relevant information.


Try to do at least one of the ten things we can do to save the sea; hopefully you will be able to do more than one of them.
Tell all your friends and family about this.
Come and tell us how you have completed the mission,
Or simply say….”Mission accomplished..”




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