May 2010 Mission – Pay it Forward


Tumaini is an orphanage located in Mombasa, Kenya which cares for children who are affected or infected by AIDS/HIV. Joan Smith a retiree from Kent saw her dream realised when the orphanage opened in early 2006. Plans for the future are too extend the dormitories to accomodate more children, open a clinic for the wider community and establish a school on a site opposite.

I heard about this orphanage a few years ago. and I was humbled by how this incredible woman had sold her house, and left everything familiar, to try and make a difference to these childrens lives.
She did not think of herself; she thought only of the children, and how she could give them a life full of happiness and love; something that they would have never known without her.
I don’t think I have ever seen a better example of ‘paying it forward’.
So this month, I’m asking you all to Please, please donate whatever you can to Tumaini orphanage.
These children, and Joan Smith deserve all the help we can give them.
Here is the link  where you can donate. 

Please say mission accomplished when you have done so.
And here is the link to their website – 


Most of us here have wonderful lives in comparison to so many. We have people that we love, who love us……… materially we have everything.
So. Because this months mission is about paying it forward; please do one good deed for someone in your community too, and then tell us about it.


Thanks go to Enchanted Song, for the idea of  Pay it Forward.



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