June 2010 Mission – Victims without a Voice

Animals have no voice. They do not start wars, and they do not cause disasters; but time and time again they are victims of the actions of mankind.
While I was sourceing information for this project; in tears, I read about the plight of zoo animals past and present. I read about the injured and terrified domestic pets, left to die alone of their injuries, or starve to death.
I read about how animals were being used as ‘live triggers’ to clear areas of landmines!!

I originally wanted this months mission to be all about helping the animals that have been caught in war zones.
However; while I was searching for information, I saw so many awful things, that I have included a couple of other links.

This first link, is for Animals in War.  Please read it, and then sign the petition, although I must warn you that the information on the actual petition page is distressing, so you may want to just go to the bottom of the page and sign. After signing, it takes you to a donations page, but this is optional.


I’m also including a link to the WSPA who are helping animals affected by disasters. You can donate here too.


Also, because it is a current disaster, I am including a link to the NWF site where they are helping the wildlife impacted by the BP oil spill.
They are asking for donations, but also include a list of other ways we can help, including spreading messages online.


I know that all these organisations are asking for donations, but that is the main  way we can help, and even the smallest amount will add up if we all contribute………we can ALL sign the petition.

Please say ‘mission accomplished’ when the petition is signed.

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.
Albert Schweitzer


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