Thoughts on Love

Love is the strangest, most wonderful thing we will ever know.

I have always believed that Love is the pulse of the universe…the force where we all came from, and where we will return when we have completed our earthly journeys.

When we love, we have no choice in who or when….love can come like a bolt of lightning; one second you are you…the next you are part of another, your second self.  You know it in every part of your being…there is no doubt,  and it’s both terrifying and wonderful.
Or, love can come quietly… sometimes over years, like a river gently cutting its path into the earth. One day you realize that the little river has become your water of life, and all you can do is flow with it.

Love brings the greatest happiness and the greatest pain, I have experienced both as I’m sure most of you have;  but I believe that if love is real, there is no permanent damage.  No matter how hurt you are, even when it feels as though you could never recover, you will heal without a scar….and  find that your heart will be forever more open and receptive to love as a result.

Bitterness and resentment have no part of real love…they are aspects of possesion and jealousy; so if  a relationship has left you with only those negative emotions, you are probably much better off without it….and if you are honest with yourself, you probably knew deep down that something was never quite right.
No amount of manipulation, game playing, investment of time, or even emotional blackmail, will make someone love you if they have not been given the gift of love for you.

Love is wanting only happiness and the best things for the one you love, even if it means letting them go, or in some cases pushing them away.

I have done this once, and it was almost impossible for me to bear…. but it was the right thing, and now looking back I have no regrets whatsoever, although at the time I thought that I would not survive the experience.

Love is when you are so connected that you feel each others thoughts, even over great distances. You don’t have to speak to know what your beloved feels, and you know instinctively what they need.  They silently call, and you hear.

Sometimes you fill with tears, at the enormity of the emotions that the sight of their face, or even the thought of them evokes in you.

Love is seeing the truth.

No matter how much you try, you can’t make yourself love someone, any more than you can stop loving somebody once the love is there;  although often we fool ourselves into thinking we can.  In fact, trying to close yourself off from love, only makes you love  more.   So, even if it is painful, run very fast, head on, right into the pain.  Let yourself feel …. it’s the only way to get  to the other side.

There is no way that we can make someone love us;  which is so difficult to accept,  because when we are in love, we believe that it was meant to be… and of course it is, just sometimes not in the way we expected.
My own thoughts, are that if what you are feeling is real love, then it will alter to fit the circumstances you are in. You can still share that love with someone through friendship,  and learn and grow from and with each other.  Of course, there are occasions when the person you love does not even want a friendship.  I experienced this some years ago, and although it was difficult at the time, the love was stronger than me, so I just let it be  and continued to keep him in my heart … which is how I discovered that going with the flow of love,  is infinitely  better than trying to swim against the tide.

So I will go with love whenever and however it touches me.  I’ll take the highs and the lows and treat them equally … I have no choice.

Because Love is  the higher power… reaching out to touch you through another; and flowing into you to return that touch … bringing your souls together, so that they can become one.

Please do post your thoughts on love, your true stories, favourite songs, quotes….anything you would like to say.


If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I. ~  Michel de Montaigne



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